Top 7 Mobile App Development Frameworks In 2022

There are various renowned mobile applications built with React Native such as Instagram, Soundcloud, Uber Eats, and many more. The UI elements it consists of are tabs, stack navigation, lists, forms, etc. With Onsen UI version 2, developers can now create mobile apps with or without any JavaScript framework because it has evolved to be JavaScript framework-agnostic. Highly customizable themes for online and mobile applications are made possible by jQuery, which uses the Theme Roller and an HTML5-based foundation.

Talking about hybrid mobile apps then these apps are easy to adapt in a faster manner on the device screens and display streamline data instantly. The best thing about hybrid apps is that they are simpler and quicker to develop as compared to any native app. This JavaScript framework can be used to build data-intensive web and mobile applications. Alongside that, it is a commercial framework for hybrid mobile application development, the tools that it works with hand in hand all come with fat price tags. Next on our list is the Intel XDK, which allows an individual to develop cross-platform applications for different available stores.

They resource withinside the strengthening of your logo and the training of your clients. The extra you interact with clients through the app, the much more likely Native Mobile app development they may be to accept as true with you and interact together along with your logo. It does not offer the best performance as compared to other frameworks.

Hybrid development is definitely the way to go for companies that want to attract users of various mobile devices and release the product to market quicker at a lower cost. Offers the needed flexibility to develop apps compatible with various platforms without learning new programming languages. Saves time, effort, and capital as your developers don’t have to build the same app for multiple platforms. This approach offers next-level applicability, manageability, and flexibility to build successful applications. However, when it comes to developing enterprise apps, you can reinvent every facet, and the process gets prolonged.

The Mobile Sdk For The Web

Xamarin is among the most used mobile app development frameworks. It’s an open-source and cross-platform app-building framework, which provides a development ecosystem with API, backend, components, etc. Additionally, it is supported by many libraries, tools, and programming languages. Xamarin developers can help you develop native apps with the help of an active community for iOS, Android, WatchOS, tvOS, Windows, and macOS.

Sencha is also known as a drag and drop HTML5 visual application builder, it has tons of ready to use mobile app templates. You can also create custom components and add them to the library to reuse in various applications. React Native is on the list of the best mobile app development frameworks. It allows for building platform-specific versions of multiple features enabling easy use of a single codebase across all platforms. As one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks, React Native has a large and strong community of developers who share their technical knowledge.

Native Mobile app development framework

This frаmewоrk is сlоud-bаsed, аllоwing develорers tо use it whenever аnd wherever they wаnt. Creating a customer-loyalty program within your mobile app will allow your customers to receive their loyalty points or rewards via the app instead of the traditional collection card. This can result in more app downloads as well as return customers. Business apps are tailored to suit business requirements, so they perform diverse functions, increase employee productivity, and, in turn, business ROI. Customized business apps help create a direct channel between the enterprise and customers, enabling direct and effective communication.

You can share code among all platforms (JS, JVM, etc.) used in your project and leverage all native capabilities. Flutter has its widgets that include all critical platform variations, namely scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts and eliminates dependency on platform-specific UI components. Flutter uses ‘Skia’ for developing visuals which is a 2D rendering engine. Instead of just giving you a single name, how about we give you the names of the top 10 cross-platform frameworks. This will provide you with the advantage of choice from which you can pick any as per your suitability and requirements.

Phone Gap is one of the impeccable cross-platform frameworks for mobile development that makes use of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. It also offers a cloud solution to developers providing them the choice to share the app in the development process for feedback from other developers. One of the advantages of cross-platform development is that it requires one-time coding for developing apps for platforms as diverse as Android and iOS. This solves one of the biggest challenges of other frameworks – requiring developers to code separately twice for the same app on different platforms.

Uis That Feel At Home Wherever They Are Deployed

It offers an impressive speed which is best for a hybrid app framework. It consists of massive UI components that are used for creating an eye-catchy user interface in the app. Users can access hybrid apps even in offline mode and this is the major feature of hybrid apps. Highly scalable platform as once the development is completed, the apps can be utilized on different platforms.

Native Mobile app development framework

However, in terms of how applications work on a smartphone, mobile frameworks may be divided into three categories. Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source, cross-platform framework that works free of cost. It promotes swift usage for app development and provides quick prototyping facilities. Appcelerator Titanium stands apart from its competitors because it allows apps to be tested and deployed all at once. Apps created through this framework require minimal coding as features such as animation, networking, and appearance of the iOS platform will be automatically adapted. It also offers ready to use user interface facilities such as navigation bars, switch controls, etc.

Native Development For Everyone

Because they use the C# programming language, they require less code. Every mobile app development framework out there has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to building a mobile app. Mobile application development that works to give apps a native touch while working on multiple platforms. The Mobile Angular UI is a combination of HTML5, Bootstrap, and AngularJS.

For example, try downloading a training app that Ionic touts as a bright example of their tech at play — Sworkit. When building mobile apps for Android and iOS, Topflight recommends choosing from React Native, Flutter, and native technologies, depending on your application requirements. Is another top open-source mobile app framework and allows developers to share up to 90% of code across major platforms like iOS and Android. Cross-platform app frameworks are helpful because they offer a way in which to develop apps for multiple platforms while using just one codebase. Cross-platform apps that give developers the ability to reuse components and code so you don’t have to create multiple codebases when building an app for more than one platform. A progressive web app is developed to deliver web pages across various devices.

Bundled together, these tools impose specific rules on how apps are developed. You might say developers trade some freedom in exchange for quick access to ready bits of code and other instruments they can juggle around. Capermint is a leading game & app development company based in Canada. With the 500+ apps & games creation experience, we are providing end-to-end support and maintenance with 100% success ratio. Our highly-skilled team of experts provide world-class services and solutions to our customers whilst ensuring high returns on their investments. Let’s have a look at the top 20 mobile development frameworks in 2022.

Compiled bindings in Xamarin.Forms improve data binding performance. Using these bindings provides compile-time validation for all binding expressions. Because of this feature, mobile engineers get fewer runtime errors. By using different compiler backends, Kotlin is compiled to platform formats – JVM bytecode for Android and native binaries for iOS. As a result, the performance of your shared code is the same as if you write them natively.

Native Mobile app development framework

The framework includes push notifications; social media platform feeds, app advertising, and other technological advancements. It’s one of the most straightforward mobile app development solutions because it allows you to design, launch, and expand your app all from a single dashboard. Corona SDK is widely used by game developers, making it the best framework for developing hybrid apps.

Every day all of us use them for work, getting around, playing games, shopping, staying in touch, organizing our life, and tons of other things. So it’s no surprise that the global app market together with the techniques of app creation are constantly expanding. One of the most important factors while picking a development framework for your app-building process is the future impact. You need to choose a framework that boosts your upcoming processes and basic/advanced maintenance operations after the successful deployment. These processes should include app support, bug fixes, and upgrades/updates, to name a few.

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All of it favors the companies that promote mobile app development frameworks. There is no doubt in saying that React Native Development is the most preferred and famous hybrid app development technology that is used by mobile app developers. The first-ever stable build for React Native was released by one of the most renowned companies Facebook in 2019. Its popularity is growing day by day and most of the firms are adopting this framework for building the most amazing mobile apps.

Also, it allows us to rapidly transfer the scripts across different systems, such as Windows and macOS. JQuery Mobile is a hybrid mobile app development framework that helps build platform-independent apps. The framework uses JavaScript library and HTML for building responsive websites that work on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. JQuery leverages the HTML5 based framework and the ThemeRoller to offer highly customizable themes for mobile apps and web applications. JQuery Mobile comes in two variants, namely customized framework and stable version.

  • Contact our specialists for more information and they will help you get started with hybrid mobile app development.
  • The latest version of the vue.js JavaScript library is Framework7, a lightweight and easy-to-use framework.
  • Here are the top 10 mobile app development frameworks that can help you build a successful mobile app for your project.
  • One of the top mobile app development frameworks, Swiftic, is available on the iOS platform.
  • Furthermоre, integrаting vаriоus tооls, librаries, аnd рrоgrаmming lаnguаges with Xаmаrin tо simрlify арр develорment is muсh eаsier.

The pre-defined plugins offer access to the device’s hardware components like GPS, camera, file system, accelerometer, etc. It is a platform-independent framework that doesn’t require any change of code. To build apps without using original equipment manufacturer widgets or a lot of coding. It provides the best experience to users with some of the useful components of this framework such as overlays, switches, sidebars, scrollable areas, etc. Apps developed with JQuery Mobile support easy SEO optimization.

Some of these frameworks, e.g., React or Vue, are meant for creating the front end of web applications — the shiny user interfaces customers interact with. Others focus on back-end development — everything that makes your app spin while staying behind the scenes. If you’re developing a mobile app for just the one platform your audience tends to use most, you might not need to use a framework when building your app. Create applications across multiple platforms on mobile devices, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more. In app development, it’s common to use frameworks to help get the job done, allowing for an easier and quicker app development process. For cross-platform app development, you can choose Flutter or React Native frameworks.

Top Education App Ideas Startups Should Check Out In 2023

Combining UI, ORM, Messaging, and more types of frameworks is an important task. Although, this class offers a blend of excellent development speed and a high level of flexibility. It offers the highest Flexibility, Manageability, and the vast Range of Applicability that you can ever get. It is a prolonged mode of developing enterprise apps, as you will need to reinvent every aspect. Generally, this level helps in developing the frameworks that speed up the pace of development. I like the idea of developing a single application that will be equally compatible with all devices.


Because of technological-advanced mobile apps, we have everything at our fingertips. The list of tools for cross-platform development is ok, but I would also like to add Flutter and Cordova to the most popular cross-platform development tools. Anyone who is looking for developers and developing applications I advise always prefer to develop applications who easily run on various systems. Really good overview of the technologies used for cross platform development.

Even though I don’t expect a typical business owner to spend too much time contemplating a framework when custom developing a mobile app, a little insight never hurts. So let’s quickly review what types of frameworks coders use for app development. To get the best result, you should hire a leading app development company to get the best app for your brand/business. Capermint is the best mobile app development company in Canada & USA.

The Cordova plugins allow developers to utilize smartphone hardware features such as GPS, cameras, and accelerometers to provide a native-like experience. The significant features of Apache Cordova are a faster development approach with a single code and a third-party application management tool. Thankfully, there are various existing frameworks in place that ease the process of mobile app development. This article is determined to provide you an overall image of the frameworks commonly used by the top app development companies in USA. It’s always been challenging to release your app to different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, as you need to maintain a separate codebase.

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